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Nordic Club Charity Work

The Nordic Club was established in 1983 as a non-profit volunteer charity organization. Still today Nordic Club continues to provide assistance to economically disadvantaged Indonesians, mainly via financial support.

Yayasan Goodwill

Yayasan Goodwill is a charity organization supporting multiyear scholarships and leadership training to Indonesian university students who otherwise would be unable to continue their education. Scholarships are awarded to the brightest and most needy future leaders, who are entering their second year of study at one of two of Indonesia’s leading public universities. Nordic Club is proud to be current sponsor of Yayasan Goodwill by providing the financial assistance for scholarships to eleven university students.

Mama Sayang Orphanage

Mama Sayang is an orphanage and school in Bogor an hour outside of Jakarta. The orphanage provides food, shelter, education, and healthcare for approx. 130 Indonesian children. It celebrated its 10 years’ anniversary in May 2013. Contact between Nordic Club and Mama Sayang was established in 2012 with co-founder Michael Hilliard and his wife Jeveline. Nordic Club members have supported the children with donations of shoes and clothes and other gifts. Since August 2013 Nordic Club is proud to be sponsoring university education in University of Bogor for two promising young students, who previously stayed at the orphanage. More about Mama Sayang on websites: and

Past Projects

Over the years Nordic Club has provided assistance to a variety of projects such as medical assistance including surgeries of cleft pallets and cancer procedures. Nordic Club has provided aid to tsunami survivors and flood victims. Financial donations have been provided to the orangutan center at Ragunan Zoo. The club has also supported the rehabilitation center for prostitutes, the building of Bekasi Kindergarten and Clinic and covered tuition fees for Kampung Kids’ high school and elementary school children.

What can you do?

Jakarta is a huge metropolis with the majority of its population living below the poverty line. Therefore, there are many foundations and individuals in need of both financial support and volunteer support. Our charity organization operates on private basis and currently concentrates on funding education of young men and women via already well-established programs.

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