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Nordic Club Jakarta is a volunteer organization and the club has two aims:

I. To function as a channel to unite the Nordic community in Jakarta through social gatherings and other functions.

II. To help newcomers to settle in Jakarta.

You are welcome to join us if you or your spouse originate from any of the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). We also welcome you to join if you or your spouse work for a Nordic company.

We currently have  approximately 80 members and the annual membership contribution is Rp.400,000. The club has members from all Scandinavian countries, most of them living in Jakarta, but also some living in other parts of Indonesia.

As a member, you will receive emails about events and you will be able to participate in our organised events with your spouse and children (See Activities). Most activities are held in English.

We have our Coffee Mornings every second Tuesday of the month (except during the Christmas and summer holiday season).

In December we usually host a Christmas event such as a Christmas lunch or Christmas dinner. Individual Country Representatives may also host Christmas events related to their home country traditions.


The History of Nordic Club

In the early years in Jakarta, expats from the Nordic countries had no forum in which they could gather to socialize and seek advice from fellow countrymen. There was a need for people to meet others and to exchange knowledge about such matters as domestic help, reliable medical reference and tips about the whereabouts in Jakarta etc.

Therefore a group of active and energetic Nordic women got together and formed The Nordic Women’s Club in March 1983. In the beginning it was mostly a social club and the monthly coffee mornings were held in private homes. After some years the Club’s activities started to pick up. They formed a charity group, a travel club and in 1989 the first newsletter was published.

As more expats moved to Jakarta the club expanded and in 1997 the first crayfish party was held. This has since become the club’s annual main fundraiser to support the charity projects. Keeping up with modern times and as more men joined the club it changed its name to Nordic Club around 2003/2004.


To join us please contact your country rep.
(see contact us)


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